Fantasea UCL-09F +12.5 Super Macro Lens

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Fantasea UCL-09F +12.5 Super Macro Lens

The Fantasea UCL-09F +12.5 Super Macro Lens is the finest wet super macro lens available. With a +12.5 diopter, the UCL-09F surpasses the competition with respect to image clarity, sharpness, and detail.

The UCL-09F wet super macro lens magnifies the subject and enables the camera to focus short distances, creating impressive images that are sharp on the corners and great on the details. It is perfect for shooting close-up images of tiny creatures, fish, corals, and textures.

The lens mounts on the housing lens port and can be installed and removed during the course of the dive. It can be mounted on 67mm threaded lens ports and other dimensions by using an adaptor.

Fantasea UCL-09F Specifications

  • Description: +12.5 diopter super macro lens
  • Bezel Material: Hard anodized aluminum with black hard coating
  • Lens Construction: 2 groups and 5 elements
  • Lens Coating: AR multi layer coating
  • Threads: 67mm (front and rear)
  • Dimensions: 70 x 38.6 mm / 2.7 x 1.5 inch
  • Weight: 278 g / 9.8 oz
  • Depth Ratio: 60 meters / 200 feet

Included in Box

  • Front Lens Cover
  • Rear Lens Covers
  • Lens Pouch
  • Velcro Secure Strap
  • Secure Line
  • Microfiber Cloth

High Optical Performance

UCL-09F is an ultra-sharp super macro lens offering unmatched quality with 5 multi-layered precision optic elements (organized in 2 groups). The AR (anti-reflection) coating on all glass elements assists in avoiding lens flare from the sun or artificial light sources. Images captured with the lens are exceptionally detailed and sharp over the entire frame, including the image's outer edges. A powerful +12.5 diopter provides great magnification with unlimited opportunities for image framing and creative use of depth-of-field. Professionally engineered elements eliminate chromatic aberration.

Durable Construction

The lens barrel is made from a durable Aluminum alloy with a black hard coating. This coating protects the exterior of the lens, protecting it from easily getting scratched or damaged. During development, the lens was thoroughly tested in extreme conditions (depth, temperature, salinity, and radiation) to ensure resistance and durability in the long run.

Universal Compatibility

The lens features a 67mm thread mount, compatible with most housings available in the market today. Perfect to be used with compact, mirrorless or SLR housings. The base of the mount features a narrow design, allowing to use the lens with most lens holders, adaptors, bayonet mount converters, flip mounts, and quick release adaptors.

Stack & Enhance

A front 67mm thread allows for stacking additional macro lenses and/or color correction filters on the lens.

Compact & Lightweight

Weighing less than 280g (9.8 oz) and featuring an ultra-compact build of 70 x 38.6 mm (2.7 x 1.5 inch), UCL-09F is streamlined and easy to handle lens. Due to these mini measurements, it's also the ultimate lens to pack and transport.

Accessory Package

The lens comes with a secure strap and quick release secure line to ensure the lens is safely secured to the system even when removed from the housing lens port. Velcro secure strap enables mounting and dismounting the lens without having to detach it from the housing system. Non-corrosive front and rear lens caps are included in the box. A padded carrying case allows for safe storage and transportation.

Warranty & Best Service

The lens includes warranty against defective materials and workmanship under reasonable use for a period of 1 year. In addition, Fantasea offers a professional and responsive service program.

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