Faber 12ltr 300 Bar Scuba Cylinder


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Faber 12ltr 300 Bar Cylinder

This is a Faber 12ltr 300bar cylinder with 300 bar valve and a rubber boot. The valve on 300 bar cylinders can only be DIN, which means that you can only use for G5/8" DIN regulators or DIN Air Gun Adapters with this cylinder. This 300 bar diving bottle is ideal for those divers wishing to get more gas without the increase in size. It also allows divers to reduce the amount of weight carried on their weight belt.

For air gun customers, this is the ideal charging cylinder. The 12ltr means that you will get more refills of your air guns bottle. Many air gun customers find this more convenient than regular trips to get their main cylinder charged.


  • DIN only valve* and boot included
  • No DIN insert option available for 300bar valves

*Cylinders with this valve needs to be tested every 2.5 years in accordance with the DOT regulations.


  • Lightweight steel construction cylinder
  • Working Pressure of cylinder is 300bar
  • 12.2 Litres
  • This is suitable for Compressed Air ONLY**

This cylinder is suitable for Compressed Air only

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