EezyCut Trilobite Line Cutter with Wrist Mount

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EezyCut Trilobite Line Cutter with Wrist Mount

The unique cutting mechanism of the EezyCut Trilobite Line Cutter with Wrist Mount provides the cleanest, sharpest, most effortless cutting action available. Everyone experiences the wow factor the first time they use this ergonomically designed cutting tool, as it slices and dices its way through line and webbing. The EezyCut Trilobite Line Cutter with Wrist Mount is rated to cut line with ease, repeatedly, up to 8mm thick, and can easily cut through the larger line. The Trilobite line cutter also makes light work of all types of webbing. With replacement blades, this cutting tool provides you with the best cut, every time.

But to be fair there isn't much more that can be said about it. This line cutter is simply the weapon of choice, costs less than a knife, and makes short work of line or entanglement hazards. The choice of leading cave divers, who choose their cutting tools as carefully as any other tool that they take on a cave dive.

The EezyCut Trilobite Wrist Mount

The wrist mount has been specifically designed to be fitted to any wrist strap. The most popular items of dive gear to mount this to are either your dive computer or compass, however, this will depend on your preference.

Why choose the EezyCut Trilobite Line Cutter

This line cutter is the ideal cutting tool and in many cutting applications substantially better than most dive knives. A cutting tool such as the trilobite is a better choice for use underwater and on the dive boat. DIVER Magazine wrote a glowing review of the EezyCut Trilobite emergency cutting tool: "Overall a market-leading product that every diver should have on their person during a dive. Maybe even two. Cheap, tough, available in a range of colours and one of the most effective emergency cutting tools around. We highly recommend the EezyCut Trilobite as an essential piece of dive safety gear."

Steve Bogaerts, who is an Expedition Cave Explorer in Mexico has said: "In an emergency situation I trust my life to the tools I carry with me and that is why I use the EezyCut Trilobite". Phil Short, one of the worlds leading expedition technical divers has said: "This little cutter goes through tangle hazards like a hot knife through butter".

Why choose the EezyCut Trilobite Line Cutter

There are two other variations you can choose from if you do not feel that the wrist mount is not the correct stlye of line cutter mount for you:


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