DripStone Diving Weight System

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Dripstone Diving Weight System

The Dripstone Diving Weight System is a unique system that allows you to quickly attach any additional lead to your harness without needed to thread it on. This simple design is ideal for adding trim weights to your 2" harness webbing. The plastic plate has grips on one side to ensure that once fitted the lead will be secure and remain in place.

How does the Dripstone Diving Weight System work?

In less than 60 seconds you can place the weight plate behind your harness webbing in the place where you require the weights. The bungee will sit above and below the harness webbing. Then simply thread the bungee through the weight blocks and secure it in place by slipping the bungee over the corners of the lump of lead you are attaching.

NOTE: Please note the lead and webbing are not included, they are for illustration purposes only.

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