DLUXE Dive Gear Evo Tank Strap


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DLUXE Dive Gear Evo Tank Strap

The DLUXE Dive Gear Evo Tank Strap is the EVOlution of the original DLUXE Dive Gear Strap. The design of this tank band came from feedback to DLUXE customers who had used their original strap. DLUXE developed the product and then spent two years testing it, to ensure that when the product was released to the market, it was everything that you (and they) needed it to be.

What makes the DLUXE Dive Gear Evo Tank Strap different?

There are a number of key elements that differentiate this from most cylinder tank bands currently in production.

The DLUXE Curved Tabs

The curved tabs make the DLUXE Tank Strap substantially easier to grip the loop while wearing thick wet gloves or dry gloves. Ideal when diving in cold water. The curved tab also makes it easy to use the find the tab blind (such as in a blackout condition or in extremely dark, low light, and low visibility conditions. 

The DLUXE Full Stitch Loop

The DLUXE EVO Tank Strap also features a full vertical stitched loop that ensures even distribution of force when pulling the tank band away from the cylinder. This forces the band evenly away from the cylinder evenly allowing easier stowage of sidemount, stage, or deco regulator hoses.

Other features of the DLUXE Dive Gear Evo Tank Strap

  • All of the DLUXE tank bands retain their durable properties – a long-lasting tight grip on the tubes, no twisting, no slipping.
  • The DLUXE EVO tank strap is available in 13 colours that can be customised (embroidered).
  • During the extensive test phases, no cases were reported where the tapes “got caught” on objects from the environment.

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