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DivePro M4 Video Light

The DivePro M4 Video Light is a multi-color and multi-function, spot & wide beam light. Yeah, we know, that's a bit of a mouthful. But the M4 is a beast of a dive light. It has a focused beam as well as wide-angle. Additionally, it has a built-in copper conductive tube offering higher performance.

This thing has so many LED chips it untrue!

  • XHP70.2 x 1
  • XHP35 x 1
  • XPE Red x 4
  • XPE Blue x 4
  • UV365 x 4

Output & Burn Time

The DivePro M4 Video Light's main LED is an XHP70.2, 90-degree beam that offers full power at 4200 lumens for 50 mins burn time. The medium power is 2900 lumens for 80 mins burn time. The low power is 1900 lumens, however it runs for 120 mins.

The XHP35 is a 7-degree spot with 1000 lumens and 180 mins burn time. There are 4 XPE Red LEDs which have a 90-degree beam and offer 800 lumens of power with 150 mins burn time. The 4 XPE Blue LEDs are a 90-degree beam and offer 800 lumens of power with 120 mins burn time. Impressively, there are also 4 UV365 which offer 110 mins burn time.

The Battery

Additionally, the DivePro M4 Video Light runs on a single 26800 battery with 6800mAh of power. The torch comes with a recharging cradle and USB cable. The battery takes around 6hrs to charge.

Weight & Size

The M4 Video Light weighs around 380g in air and roughly 210g underwater with the battery. The torch is small considering the power, and measures 143mm long, 35mm in diameter and with a 53.8mm light head.

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