DivePro G08 Master Plus COB 8000lm Video Light

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DivePro G08 Master Plus COB 8000lm Video Light

The DivePro G08 Master Plus COB 8000lm Video Light is a powerful videography light. One of the reasons that the G08 Master Plus has become so popular is the combination of power and CRI (colour rendering index). The GO8 head is fully removable for charging, as such spare batteries are available.

Colour Rendering Index CRI 95 

The DivePro G08 Master Plus Video Light has a colour rendering index (CRI-95) that brings stunning natuaral underwater colours. The light is rated to 100m and offers 105 minutes of burn time on full power.

Body And Battery Material

The torch has a durable aircraft-grade aluminium with a black, premium type III, hard-anodized protective coating as with many of the other DivePro Torches. This coating ensures extra protection against the rigours of the most extreme conditions. 


The DivePro G08 Master Plus comes with a CREE CXB2530 LED. This is the second generation LED from the CXA family of bulbs that offers 30% higher efficiency and 20% higher lumens than its predecessor.

Beam And Power

The video light offers a 95-degree beam with a maximum power output of 8000 lumens and weighs around 960g in air and roughly 410g underwater.

DivePro Master Plus Stepless Dimming

The brightness of the light automatically cycles from 100% power down to 1% power. While using the light a single press on the button will lock the power of the brightness. The light will automatically remember the power and return to the brightness the next time the light is switched on. To switch the light off, press and hold the button for two seconds.

DivePro G08 Master Plus Features:

  • CREE CXB2530 LED Bulb
  • 8000 Lumens
  • High CRI 95 (max)
  • Color Temperature: 5000K
  • Runtime at the full output: 105 minutes
  • Push Button Switch
  • 18650 battery pack
  • Battery over-discharging protection
  • Low voltage & short
  • Circuit protection
  • Operation Voltage: 14.8V
  • Depth Rating: 100 meters

What Is Included With The DivePro G08 Master Plus:

  • Box
  • Light
  • Charger
  • Ball Mount
  • Rechargeable Battery Pack (8*18650)


If you are looking for a lower power light, you may want to check out the DivePro M40 video light. We also offer If you are not sure that this is what you are after, check out the rest of the DivePro range or our full range of Dive Torches.

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