DivePro CL4200S Sidemount Umbilical Torch

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DivePro CL4200S Sidemount Umbilical Torch

The DivePro CL4200S Sidemount Umbilical Torch is a 4200 lumen light ideal for any sidemount diver. The body of the light is made from a durable aircraft-grade aluminium which is covered with a premium hard anodised coating. The light head features the aluminium alloy reflector condenser found on the DivePro S40 Torch. The beam is a 6-degree focused spotlight with a 60-degree floodlight.

Switching On and Off

Press and hold the light head button for 2 seconds to turn the DivePro CL4200S Sidemount Umbilical Torch on or off. The long press ensures the light is not accidentally switched on during the dive or in transit. Furthermore, short pressing the button switches between mid-power and high-power outputs.

Stepless Dimming

Uniquely, the CL4200 features Stepless Dimming between 42 lumens and 4200 lumens by double pressing the light head button. The brightness cycles from 100% down to 1% power, allowing you to choose the exact power required for the dive. Once you are at the optimum power output, a single press will lock the brightness. The AI within the light head remembers which power setting you were at and if you turn the light off, it remembers this and returns to this power once switched back on.

DivePro CL4200S Sidemount Torch Battery Indicator

The light head has the power button for the light. This also functions as a battery indicator. The ring surrounding the button illuminates indicating the following power levels:

  • Blue: 100% - 70%
  • Green: 70% - 30%
  • Red: 30% and below

DivePro CL4200S Sidemount Torch Burn Time

The CL4200 is a 14.4v, 6800mAh, battery pack powered by 8 x 18650 rechargeable batteries. This setup pack delivers the following burn times:

  • High-Power: 210 mins
  • Mid-Power: 400 mins

If you need a primary light for use with a back mount system, check out the DivePro CL4200B torches. Not sure that an umbilical is for you, here is the full range of DivePro lights and our full range of Dive Torches.

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