DIRZone Right Hand Modular 232 Bar Valve

DIR ZoneSKU: DZ-71021

Valve Options: Valve Only
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DIRZone Right Hand Modular 232 Bar Valve

This DIRZone Right Hand Modular 232 Bar Valve can be used as part of a 300 bar manifold for twinsets or as a stage or sidemount cylinder valve when purchased in conjunction with a blanking plug. 

Combined with its right counterpart this valve performs as an optimal solution for sidemount systems. It comes with Viton O-Ring and a rubber tank tap/knob.

DIRZone Right Hand Modular 232 Bar Valve Options

  • Valve Only (DZ-71025)
  • Valve & Blanking Plug (DZ-71024-72023) 

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