DIRZone Reel 120m

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DIRZone Reel 120m

The DIRZone Reel 120m is their signature cave diving guideline. This expedition reel comes with a 120m spool of 2mm line and is supplied with a 316 stainless steel double ended bolt snap. The machining and finish on this reel are of very high quality. The large stainless steel locking screw is easy to find and operate, even with thick dry gloves.

The difference between the DIRZone Reel 120m and the majority of other cave diving lines, is that the reel is not run around a simple screw, but a bush.

DIRZone Reel 120m Features:

  • 120m of high strength white line
  • Stainlees steel locking screw
  • Aluminium handle
  • Forged and anodised aluminium handle components


If this is not the guidline you are looking for, check out our other Cave Diving Reels. Alternatively we also have a full range of Reels & Spools.

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