DIRZone DIN to A-Clamp Adaptor

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DIRZone DIN to A-Clamp Adaptor

A DIRZone DIN to A-Clamp Adaptor is designed to convert your DIN scuba regulator for use with a valve which does not have a DIN convertible valve. These are often found in dive centres around the world with older style cylinder valves. This is something you will more likely find over in the Americas where they have not all switched to using DIN valves yet. The adaptor fits neatly onto you DIN regulator first stage and allows your first stage to act as an Internation valve (aka Yoke or A-Clamp). The adapter then simply attaches to the cylinder in an A clamp fashion.

The DIN adaptor is a great addition to any dive bag. This leaves you safe in the knowledge that your regs will work with both types of cylinder valves. Many divers who travel worldwide choose to carry a DIN to A-Clamp Adaptor in their reg bag. Do not let yourself be caught out when a far off dive location does not have a DIN fitting cylinder. Be the boy scout of divers and come prepared. Being ready to convert your first stage in seconds is really simple. This is preferable to hiring equipment, Worse still this could be the difference between missing a dive and saving it. Furthermore, the adaptor is made from chromed brass. Thus, this bit of dive gear will last you for years and years.

If you are looking to permanently convert your gear from DIN to A-Clamp or, more commonly, A-Clamp to DIN, check out our Regulator Services page

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