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Deepblu COSMIQ⁺

The Deepblu COSMIQ⁺ dive computer was launched in early 2019 to offer divers a compact wrist style computer, bluetooth enabled with a colour screen.

Scuba Mode

As you would expect from a dive computer, in Scuba Mode the unit measures depth, time, NDL, temperature, maximum depth, and ascent rate. It also offers you Safety Stop or Deco Stop information as required for your current depth and dive time. The unit allows you to adjust your maximum depth or dive time alarms meaning you can rest assured you don't accidentally exceed your dive plan. All of this is fully adjustable in the Deepblu App.

Bottom Timer Mode

Bottom Timer Mode on the COSMIQ⁺ Dive Computer is designed for more advanced divers or when using COSMIQ as a secondary dive computer. In other words, the Bottom Timer Mode on this dive computer measures and displays current depth, average depth, continuous dive time as well as stage time. You can reset the average depth and stage time by pressing the adjust button on the right.

Freedive Mode

Freedive Mode on this dive computer displays the current depth, time elapsed, temperature and maximum depth on a free dive. It has a built-in Surface Interval (S.I.) function that counts the time between dives too. What’s more, you can set the adjustable depth and time alarms directly on the watch or on the Deepblu app interface.

Watch Mode

Most dive computers tell the time, we know this, but the Watch Mode on the Cosmiq+ also shows your Surface Interval and No-Fly time from your last dive while in this mode. Furthermore, bit the Right Button (Adjust) and you are straight into the Dive Planner Mode ready to plan your next dive.

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