Beuchat Alize full-length ladies' wetsuit

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Size: XS
Style: 3mm
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The Alize wetsuit by Beuchat is a striking new wetsuit designed specifically for ladies. It is a good quality, mid-range wetsuit ideal for warm and temperate waters.


Technical features

• Extra comfort and freedom of movement 

• Stretchy material

• Very easy to put on 

• High thermal protection 

• Toughness and durability 

• The best of Beuchat quality

• Sports look 


Anatomical cut 

Top-quality design and expertise from Beuchat, the inventor of the modern diving suit. The suit has a well-researched anatomical cut, with pre-formed arms and legs and a  contoured lower back and crotch for a snug-fitting suit.


High quality Beuchat finish 

The Alize comprises the usual Beuchat quality and craftsmanship, embodied in meticulous detailing and finish. The suit is made from neoprene panels bonded edge-to-edge with internal/external overlock to minimise water ingress.


Extra comfort and more freedom of movement 

Stretch Elaskin X 6.4 neoprene under the arm for improved comfort 

Cut designed to offer extra flexibility 

Pre-formed anatomical cut for greater ease of movement 

Zipless comfort collar with special cutaway at the throat for extra comfort



Stretch Elaskin X 6.4 neoprene with Elaskin X 6.2 under the arm and Supratex 2 reinforcements.


High thermal protection 

Easy Wave System seals at the ankles and wrists on the 5 mm suit 


Toughness and durability 

Supratex 2 knee reinforcements 

Reinforced PU elbows and seat

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