Azdry Xtreme RS Drysuit


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Azdry Xtreme RS Drysuit

The Azdry Xtreme RS Drysuit is an innovative design drysuit that uses a telescopic torso with a front entry zip and a second zip cover. The Xtreme range is made from a new fabric from Japan which has a very fine rip stock woven in its design. This design gives extra strength to this lightweight fabric which is dark grey in its finish.

The Azdry Xtreme RS Drysuit Material

The material has a very tactile feel and it is extremely flexible where most other dry suit fabrics are quite stiff. This means with the lightness of the fabric and the flexibility the wearer has no restriction almost like not having a dry suit on.

The Azdry Xtreme RS Drysuit is made both top and bottom with the new rip stock fabric, the RS suit has our neoprene boot which has been dipped in liquid latex to give it hard-wearing qualities but is still extremely flexible and soft.

The Azdry Xtreme RS Drysuit Pockets

The suit comes standard with two tech pockets and uses the new aqua dry zip from YKK.

The Azdry Xtreme RS Drysuit Seals

Silicone system or latex seals are a choice on this suit. With neoprene boots, the suit still only weighs 3.7 kilos depending on the size of the suit.

The Sizes

The Azdry Xtreme RS Drysuit is available in ten male sizes and seven female sizes, and a bespoke made to measure service is also available if required.

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