Aqua Sphere Phantom 3.0 Women’s Wetsuit

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Aqua Sphere Phantom 3.0 Women’s Wetsuit

The enhanced Aqua Sphere Phantom 3.0 Women’s Wetsuit now provides an increased range of motion with strategically placed 1.5mm Yamamoto 40 panels and reinforced waist panels for posture support. The Aqua Sphere Phantom provides warmth, flexibility, comfort and speed. This is our most technological wetsuit designed for the most elite athletes.

Aqua Sphere Phantom Wetsuit Features

  • Bio-Stretch Zone: Strategically placed 1,5mm Yamamoto 40 panels (under arms and lower back)
  • Core Power System: reinforced waist panel that improves posture, enhancing hip rotation and lengthening stroke
  • 5mm Aqua Drive core body with Aerodome panels maximizes buoyancy
  • Thermo-Guard technology on chest, shoulders, and legs to retain body heat Quick-release ankle transition panels (horseshoe-cut design) for improved transition time
  • Extended length, reverse-pull zipper with a leash for easy on/off and quick transitions
  • Aqua-Flex collar seal to keep water out and prevent chaffing and restriction
  • Super stretch, SCS-Coated Yamamoto 40 and 39 Neoprene
  • 100% UV protection

Technologies & Materials

  • Aqua Drive Core: 5mm
  • Super Stretch Sleeves: 1mm
  • Bio-Stretch Zone: 1,5mm
  • Core Power System
  • Material: SCS-Coated Yamamoto 40 and 39 Neoprene
  • Reversed zipper

The new Phantom 3.0 feels so supple around the shoulders that my arms were gliding through the water with relative ease. This, combined with the added buoyancy in the hips and the built-in core support system, lifted my body position in the water and I felt fast as I cut through the water.

NOTE: Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery on this item.

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