Aqua Lung Thermocline Zip Gloves

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Thickness: 3mm
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Aqua Lung Thermocline Zip Gloves

The Aqua Lung Thermocline Zip Gloves are designed for easy donning and doffing while bobbing in the water before and after your dives.

The zipper closure is 5" (12.7cm) long starting from the cuff and extending over the thumb. The length and location of the zipper is ideal because it releases pressure off your hand at it's widest point. This reduces suction and also creates a wide opening when pulling the gloves on.

The hook and loop tab is 4.5" (11.5cm) long and can easily be placed into a resting position with the glove unzipped. This helps prevent the tab from becoming a snag hazard. The tab also helps hold the glove open while drying

The main purpose for the hook and loop tab is to hold the zipper locked in position, and protect the zipper slider/puller while diving. Also if for any reason the zipper is damaged, the glove cuff can still be closed tightly using the hook and loop tab.

  • The glove is made of regular neoprene
  • The gusset is 2mm neoprene and glued/blind stitched to minimize water exchange
  • The finger seams are triple glued and blind stitched to reduce water exchange
  • the zipper is a #5 plastic YKK zipper to prevent corrosion
  • Hook and loop tab holds the zipper puller in place and protects the slider


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