Aqua Lung Stratos ADJ Fins

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Aqua Lung Stratos ADJ Fins

An excellent choice for divers entering the sport, the Aqua Lung Stratos ADJ is easy to kick. The dual-material blade is designed to quickly reach the optimal angle needed to move water quickly and efficiently

Aqua Lung Stratos ADJ Features

  • Dual-material side ribs and blade help transfer maximum energy from foot pocket to blade tip.
  • The Bending Zone between the blade and foot pocket allows the blade to quickly reach the optimal inclination for propulsion and water channeling.
  • The dual-material foot pocket's Power Transmission Zone prevents stretching during the power stroke of the kick cycle.
  • Quick Release buckles are easy to operate and make exiting the water hassle-free.
  • Ergonomic straps adjust easily, even while wearing thick gloves.


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