Aqua Lung Regulator Servicing


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Aqua Lung Regulator Servicing

If you need your Aqua Lung Regulator Servicing, then Scuba Leeds is one of the country's leading scuba diving equipment service centres. We have three qualified service technicians who work at the store in our custom-built service centre.

Your Aqua Lung regulator will be serviced with Aqua Lung Service Tools with the most current processes by an Aqua Lung Service Technician. We have a full range of genuine service kits for all current Aqua Lung regulators and most dis-continued regulators. Our service technicians also offer Oxygen Cleaning of regulators for an extra charge. Please advise us if this is required during the booking process.

What is included in the standard Aqua Lung Regulator Service?

  • 1 X First Stage Service
  • 2 X Second Stage Service (Primary & Octopus)
  • 1 X Aqua Lung First Stage Service Kit
  • 2 X Aqua Lung Second Stage Service Kits
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning of The Fitting Ends of Each Hose
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning of The High-Pressure Swivel Pin
  • Replacement High-Pressure O-Rings on The Swivel Pin
  • Replacement Low-Pressure O-Rings on All Hoses
  • All Labour Costs

Aqua Lung Regulator Servicing Process and Time Frames

To ensure your regulator comes to you to the highest possible standard we run a specific procedure for servicing:

  • Strip Down, Clean and Dry
  • Assemble each part (1st, 2nd & Octo)
  • Leave the Parts to bed in for 24hrs
  • Assemble the Regulator and Balance
  • Complete a Wet Test to ensure the Regulators performance

The usual turnaround is 7-10 days, however, but faster times can be arranged with prior notice. If you do leave it to the last minute and your regulator does need servicing, we will lend you a set of Apeks Regulators from our rental fleet free of charge.

Aqua Lung Regulator Service Warranty

All servicing provided by Scuba Leeds comes with a 3-month warranty and all regulator servicing is completed within BS1003 standard.

We offer a full range of Regulator Servicing and Scuba Diving Services that are not limited to this service.

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