Aqua Lung DynaFlex 5mm Women’s Wetsuit

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Aqua Lung DynaFlex 5mm Women’s Wetsuit

The Aqua Lung DynaFlex 5mm Women’s Wetsuit back zip suit represents the classic basic one-piece, with a feature-rich package. Thanks to the new 4-way superelastic neoprene with UltraspanTM fabric, double waterproof cuffs and a semi-sealed slider, the DynaFlex offers a perfect fit ensuring maximum comfort and warmth.

To make life easier before and after diving, the neck opens using a slider, this is an extremely functional feature when a diver has to sit and wait for water to enter. Equipped with a removable pocket and computer attachment on each sleeve. These are just two of the countless intelligent features of this new wetsuit, making it the ideal complete partner for you and your equipment. Supplied with 5mm hood.

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