Apeks VX1 Mask - Pure Clear

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Apeks VX1 Mask - Pure Clear

Introducing the brand new Apeks VX1 Mask Pure Clear. This version of the mask is designed with the new Pure Clear lens providing maximum optical clarity with no distortion. With a superb low volume design allowing divers to clear the mask and equalise the air space with ease. Simple, yet so effective.


The mask is made with what is described by Apeks as an advanced skirt geometry made from premium surgical-grade silicone. What this means is that the mask itself reduces pressure points on the face, making it more comfortable for every dive. Apeks have selected a combination of both matte and gloss areas on the mask skirt. This choice lets the VX1 provide the diver with a substantially better seal, irrespective of face shape while improving fit and comfort at the same time.


The VX1 comes with quick release buckles designed with stainless-steel rollers to allow for seamless adjustment. Whether you are in warm water with no gloves, or in cold water with dry gloves or 7mm mitts, you can be assured of the best adjustment and fit. The mask also comes supplied as standard with the comfortable silicone mask strap and an additional neoprene strap.

Reducing Single Use Plastic

Scuba Leeds are driving forward at helping reduce single-use plastic wherever possible. So we were delighted to hear that Apeks have chosen to supply this mask with a reusable zipped protective case. This mask does not come with a plastic box that gets slung in the bin, they provide you with something functional and sustainable for the planet. Great work!

Check out our full selection of masks here! Or have a look at our full range of Apeks Dive Gear.


UPDATE: 06.01.2022- The Apeks VX1 Orange and Orange and Grey are new for 2022. Our stock for this line has not arrived yet, however, if you order the product you will be first in line when the product arrives in the UK. 

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