Apeks Changing Mat

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Apeks Changing Mat

The Apeks Changing Mat is a multi-functional changing mat bag, perfect for protecting your feet and your suit while changing on the carpark or beach. Its large area and tough polyester construction makes it easy to get changed in comfort. The wetsuit is then simply tucked into the vented bag, draw strings pulled and you’re off!

Apeks Changing Mat Benefits

  • Tough double layer heavy-duty polyester provides protection for your wet or dry suit when changing on rough ground.
  • The bag folds out flat into a large diameter changing mat to allow you to change outdoors.
  • Once you have changed out of your wetsuit just pull the outer drawstrings to cinch the mat together to create a bag to store all of your wet kit for transport.
  • The changing mat bag allows you to change in and out of your wet or drysuit on the beach without getting covered in sand.
  • Secure G-hook style closure and compression strap keeps everything secure.
  • The bag can be carried easily using the grab handles.


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