Ammonite Ultra HD Umbilical Cable

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Ammonite Ultra HD Umbilical Cable

Coming in stylish orange UHD cables are precisely machined, hand-assembled and offer significantly higher resistance to breakage than our standard HD cables. The cable line we used is extra-highly flexible, resistant to mechanical damage and effects of low temp. Contains 4 elastic wires (double lines) covered with PUR outer layer.

The outer sheath withstands high mechanical stresses, in particular abrasion and dragging. It is also cutproof and resists harsh environmental conditions. UHD CABLE is equipped with chinch type connectors and works along with all Ammonite System umbilical lights, batteries and heating batteries.

Double silicone o-rings ensure superb protection against flooding. The additional stainless steel strain relief helps to prevent the cable from breaking in its most fragile spot.

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