Ammonite System Standard Goodman Handle

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 Ammonite System Standard Goodman Handle

The Ammonite System Standard Goodman Handle allows you to use both hands for underwater communication and penetration while diving on wrecks. It is also essential during shooting and video filming, by providing a continuous light source during night diving, wreck or cave diving.

This popular all over the world solution was refined, improved and modified by Ammonite System. The most important changes introduced to their newest Standard Goodman Handle are:

  • Separate grommet dedicated for attaching carabineers
  • Ergonomic, rounded lower handle, better adapting to the shape of the hand
  • Uniform size screws - mounting the bracket can be made with one key size

The handle is made of Delrin - lightweight and durable material. It has a high resistance to abrasion, deformation, chemical resistance and high rigidity.

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