Ammonite System Modular Goodman Handle

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Ammonite System Modular Goodman Handle

The Ammonite System Modular Goodman Handle allows you to use both hands for underwater communication and penetration while diving on wrecks. It is also essential during shooting and video filming, by providing a continuous light source during night diving, wreck or cave diving.

Be smart and go modular

Use your Modular Goodman Handle as you like – with just a torch or with a torch & a scooter loop. Change it whenever you want. Easy assembly takes seconds. Not sure if you need a scooter loop? Buy the basic set and you can upgrade it with a scooter loop later.

No tools needed anymore

Forget about Allen keys or a screwdriver– all you need are your fingers. You can assemble your torch kit very quickly. You can adjust the grip underwater. If you want to disassemble your lamp head & Goodman after dive, make it so - no tools required.

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