Ammonite System LED Stingray Basic Plus Set

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Ammonite System LED Stingray Basic Plus Set

The Ammonite System LED Stingray Torch is the most powerful and at the same time, the smallest compact torch Ammonite System has ever developed!

The Ammonite System LED Stingray Torch has set a new standard in its class of products. Its distinctive features are the amazing amount of light, long operation time, handiness and reliable, heavy-duty build. Also, the torch is characterised by a very small size - 120 mm in length, 40 mm in diameter - and low weight - 130g, which makes it perfectly fit into the hand. It is equally easy to mount it to the harness or put it in your diving suit's or jacket's pocket.

The Ammonite System LED Stingray torch has 1000 lumens of light, with 16 degrees distribution of light and 1.5 hours burn time! The source of light comprises 3 CREE XPG 2 LED's powered with a single Li-Ion type 18650 battery protected from overcharge and deep discharge. The torch is built with the use of the best materials available on the market. The body is made of Delrin, while the aluminum head is coated.

Ammonite System LED Stingray Basic Plus Set Features

  • Light Source: 3 LED Cree XPG 2
  • Power: Up To 1000 Lumens
  • Spot Angle: 16 Degrees
  • Light Corona: 30 Degrees
  • Optics: 1 x Triple Lens
  • Total Power: 10w
  • Colour Temperature: Cool White
  • Power Source: 1 x 18650 Protected Rechargeable Cell
  • Switch Type: By Tightening On/Off
  • Material: Aluminium Alloy Anodised & Delrin
  • Max. Length: 120mm
  • Max. Diameter: 40mm
  • Front Glass: 6mm Tempered Glass
  • Weight: 145g (Without Batteries) 195g (With Batteries)
  • Weight In Water: 95g
  • Max. Operation Depth: 200m

Ammonite System LED Stingray Burn Times

The burn times on this light depend on the MaH of the battery used - the more powerful the battery, the longer the burn times:

  • 3400 Mah - Up to 1hr 30 mins
  • 3200 Mah - Up to 1hr 20 mins
  • 3000 Mah - Up to 1hr 10 mins
  • 2600 Mah - Up to 45 mins

Ammonite System LED Stingray Basic Plus Set Components

  • Ammonite System Stingray Torch
  • Ammonite System battery Li-Ion 18650/3000mA

Not Included In This Set

  • Ammonite System Charger

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