Ammonite System LED Speleo


Battery: Accu 10Ah
Cable: Heavy Duty
Goodman Handle: Standard
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Ammonite System LED Speleo

Between the tight spaces, absence of light, need for team communication and endless chances to bump the light over a hard surface, it’s no wonder cave divers are always on the search for the next best thing. The Ammonite System LED Speleo is exactly that – the best dive light for cave diving.

Ammonite System LED Speleo Head

The Ammonite System LED Speleo umbilical primary dive light will definitely help you in communication and caves exploration for an exceptionally long period of time. It has a concentrated beam that narrows to 6 degrees, making it the most worth-it dive light to try in cave exploration.

This torch provides 1500 lumens of light on full power. But as with all quality cave dive lights, it can also be adjusted to 20% (BACK-UP mode), 60% and 100% power to preserve battery and adjust brightness levels to eliminate backscatter in murky water. The burn time of the light wil depend on what level one has chosen - for example, it can go up to 16.5 hours in OPERATIONAL mode, and over 50 hours in BACK-UP mode with Ammonite System's smallest battery, ACCU TYPE 10.

The inner microchip system signals low battery level with a strobe flash and automatically switches to back-up mode (light output at 20% light intensity) when the battery is drained.

Ammonite System LED Speleo Head Specification

  • Halo: Mild halo effect 
  • Spot angle: 6 degrees
  • Light source: 1 led cree® XPL
  • Power: up to 1500 lumens
  • Total Power: 10 watt
  • Colour Temperature: Cool White
  • Power Source: External Rechargeable Battery
  • Switch Type: Magnetic Switch, 3 levels of light intensity, discharge warning message, backup mode 
  • Max length: 116mm
  • Max diameter: 53mm
  • Weight: 265g
  • Weight In Water: 100g
  • Max. Operation Depth: 200m

Ammonite System Umbilical Components

When you purchase the Ammonite System LED Speleo with a battery pack, you will receive the following items as standard:

  • Ammonite System LED Speleo Head
  • Your choice of Accu or Accu Thermo Battery
  • Your choice of Umbilical Cable 
  • Spare O-Rings and Allen Keys
  • A battery charger with power cable
  • Protective case for your light system

Upgrade Components Not Included As Standard

Ammonite System Battery Options

There are two styles of battery that can power the light head, the Accu Type battery or the Accu Thermo battery. Both these options are high capacity to maximise your burn time.

The Accu Batteries are for powering the light head only, with the following options:

  • 10Ah Accu Battery
  • 14Ah Accu Battery
  • 24Ah Accu Battery

The Accu Thermo Batteries are for powering both the light head and a heating system such as a heated vest, heated undersuit or heated gloves. The Accu Thermo batteries have the added benefit of letting you know the power level remaining and when to charge the battery. The options are: 

  • 14Ah Accu Thermo Battery 
  • 24Ah Accu Thermo Battery 
  • 24Ah Special Accu Thermo 200m Battery 

    Ammonite System Cable Options

    Ammonite System Handle Options

    Explore the full Ammonite System Torches here.

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