Ammonite System Accu Battery

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Ammonite System Accu Battery

Universal and safe source of power supply for all Ammonite System lamp heads. Being able to connect the head and separate battery means you can have a small torch that produces lots of bright light with extensive burn times.

The batteries contain a lithium-ion (Li-Ion) battery pack, completely free of the so-called lazy battery effect and protected against over-voltage.

Durability and Reliability

The casing is a combination of aircraft-grade high strength aluminium coated with the hard-anodised seawater-corrosion-resistance finish and high strength Delrin®, which is a lightweight but very tough and corrosion resistant polymer.

The canister is sealed with two o-rings and equipped with a safety valve*

*ACCU TYPE 10 is wholly made of hard anodised aluminium.

Small size and low weight

The Ammonite System Accu batteries are some of the smallest and lightest batteries available on the market.

Ease of Assembly

In the standard version, the batteries are fitted with a webbing fixed loop fastening to the hip belt.

The batteries can be equipped with alternative fastening systems, like the Sidemount Buckle or ACCU CLIC MOUNT.

Safe For Transport

The transport of lithium batteries is subject to international regulations, which can differ if the batteries are transported by air, sea or road.

All our lithium-ion (Li-Ion) batteries are compliant with the UN Transportation Testing (UN/DOT 38.3) for Lithium Cells and Batteries, and ensure the safety of your lithium batteries during shipping.

Operating Times 

  • Accu Type 10: LED Helios 165 mins, LED Solaris 300 mins, LED Prime 480 mins
  • Accu Type 14: LED Helios 3h55', LED Solaris 5h, LED Prime 11h10'
  • Accu Type 24: LED Helios 7h, LED Solaris 12h, LED Prime 19h

Explore the full Ammonite System Torches here.

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