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Air Gun Cylinder Hydrostatic Test

An Air Gun Cylinder that is classed as a surface use cylinder requires a Hydrostatic Test every 5 years. For a cylinder to be classed as a surface use bottle, it must be fitted with a surface use valve NOT a scuba diving valve. The distinction between the two valves is easy to identify. A surface use valve is identified by having a built-in gauge and bleed screw (see image above).

Serviceable Air Gun Cylinders

Scuba Leeds can test all brands and most types of scuba cylinders including steel and aluminium cylinders at our IDEST Test Facility. Our service technician turns cylinders in a seven to a ten-day period which resets every Friday. We are sorry certain cylinders are not serviceable.

Air Gun Cylinder & Valve Testing

As part of the Air Gun Cylinder Hydrostatic Test, your valve will be serviced and the threads on the neck of the cylinder and the valve will be checked with calibrated thread gauges. Your cylinder's structural integrity will be evaluated and tested at this time. If your air gun cylinder or air gun valve fails inspection or testing we are required by law to render the item unserviceable. This will either be by crushing, burning a hole in the shoulder, or cutting through the neck thread of the cylinder or valve.

Additional Costs

ALL Cylinder Hydrostatic Test services will have an air fill cost added to the Service Booking when your cylinder is booked in. Air fills are £5 for 232 bar single cylinders and £7.50 for 300 bar cylinders.

If your cylinder requires Shot Blasting to clear internal corrosion, this is only identifiable once our service technician removes the valve. If this is required, the technician will advise you as soon as possible. There is an additional fee for this service.

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