ECS Euro 8.5ltr 232 Bar Twinset


Cylinder Type: Classic (Round Bottom)
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ECS Euro 8.5ltr 232 Bar Twinset

This ECS Euro 8.5ltr 232 Bar Twinset comes with oxygen clean 8.5 litre steel euro cylinders. This twinset comes complete with stainless steel bands and stainless steel bolt kit.

All of our twinsets are shipped out ready-to-use. They are depressurised which allows you, if you wish, to fine-tune the position of the centre manifold valve before your first fill. Twinsets come with O2 clean VIP stickers and decals.

ECS Euro 8.5ltr 232 Bar Twinset Specification

  • Diameter: 14.0cm
  • Length without valve: 72.0cm
  • Average cylinder weight: 10.7kg
  • Bar: 232

Twinset Manifold

  • 230 bar
  • Oxygen Clean
  • M25 Thread Barrel Type

Twinset Bands

Cut in marine grade stainless steel and welded together which make them a strong and durable assembly.

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