50mm Soft Crotch Strap Webbing

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50mm Soft Crotch Strap Webbing

The 50mm Soft Crotch Strap Webbing per metre is cut to length as per your specific requirements.  Due to the stiffness of this webbing, it is ideal for a single tank, sidemount, or twinset harnesses. This will also be perfect for use as a weight belt webbing as the weights are less likely to twist the belt due to the construction of the webbing.

This is a comfortable, durable and resistant harness webbing. When in the water, the webbing softens, however, due to the weave stays incredibly strong and secure, with nearly no stretch, therefore is ideal for your scuba diving harness.

Crotch Strap Webbing Dimensions:

  • Broad: 50mm
  • Thick: 2mm (estimated)

Uses For 50mm Webbing:

  • Crotch Strap

NOTE: We would not recommend the 50mm Soft Crotch Strap webbing for use with your harness. As a general rule, softer webbing is used for the crotch strap to prevent chaffing of your wetsuit or drysuit (or worse you!) when diving in with a wing and harness.

If you are looking for webbing for your harness or for a weight belt please check out our 50mm Stiff Webbing.

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