3D Gear Marker

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3D Gear Marker

The 3D Gear Marker is perfect for personalising and marking your dive gear. This 3D paint is flexible once dry, so will work on a variety of dive gear including, but not limited to, BCD's, regulators, cylinders, weights, wetsuits, masks, snorkels, wetnotes, reels, spools, and a whole heap more.

Gearmarker is Non Toxic, completely waterproof and stands proud on any surface. It is very hard to pick and leaves a residue making it ideal to deter theft. It sticks to Fabric, Leather, Glass, Metal, Plastic, Silicone, Cordura, in fact just about anything.

RESEALABLE AND REUSABLE APPLICATOR - The squeeze bottle has a screw cap allowing the bottle to be resealed. The narrow applicator top lets you write letters and draw basic shapes.

NOT VERY ARTY? - Don't worry. A couple of well placed dots of colour is often enough to distinguish your kit from someone else's! Available in 10 different colours

FLEXIBILITY - The paint is completely flexible once dry with a rubber texture making it ideal for use on wetsuits and other stretchable materials.

WASHABLE - Once dry Gearmarker can be washed by hand or by machine to a max temp of 30c.

NON TOXIC - The paint is non-toxic and conforms to ACMI ASTM D-4238 and is Arts & Creative Materials Institute Certified.

PLEASE NOTE. Gear Marker requires 72 hrs to completely dry & should not be submersed or washed within 72 hrs of application Supplied in 29.5ml bottles

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