The best thing about diving is that every diver has their own favourite thing to experience while underwater. For some its reefs, underwater photography or video or experiencing the thrill of a wreck dive. At this point, many people think that technical diving may not be for them. Just as you don’t need to be Mo Farrah to benefit from high quality running trainers to protect your body while running, you can still benefit from the skills, knowledge, and equipment gained from tec diving training.

Technical diving is leading the way in scuba diving equipment innovation and gear refinement. It takes time, but this progress slowly trickles down into recreational diving. This can be seen by the introduction of wings, backplates, and harnesses into entry-level courses. Tec divers learn how to develop skills with the use of long hoses, developing higher level skill with trim and position in the water. The technical divers of the world focus on uncluttered equipment set up, focusing on streamlining allowing them to respond to emergency situations such as out of gas emergencies with ease and flexibility.