For many divers the experience of new things is one of the things that keeps them coming back for more. Whether it is a new skill, a new dive site/destination or a new type of diving, there is always something new to try. Scuba Leeds offer you the chance to try several new things in our Experiences Programs. This can be anything from Essentials where you will develop your buoyancy, trim and propulsion techniques to a twinset, sidemount or rebreather try dive.

The best thing about these experiences is that they are done in the pool! So there is no need to be in cold in the water and you have plenty of time to practice. You can practice anything from sidemount diving to photography in the comfort of a swimming pool. Want to improve on your skills from Open Water then look into our Discover Essentials workshop. Thinking of getting into TEC diving then try out our Discover TEC or Discover Wing & Long hose experience. Or Maybe you’ve always wanted to dive with two tanks, then try Discover Twinset. Or alternatively maybe you are a deep diver who has always wanted to dive with a stage tank. You can go for our stage skills workshop. Or maybe you want to practice search and recovery or Rescue skills? Finally you could practice releasing an SMB underwater with our SMB workshop or if you just want to come for a dive then you can sign up for one of our pool sessions

If diving isn’t your thing but you want to practice swimming with a mask then you can do our snorkelling experience too! Either way these experiences are a great way for you to build your skill set and your confidence up ready for your next progression in your diving career.