UK Dive Trip: Sound Of Mull

The Sound of Mull is famous for the quality and quantity of its diving. There are a great number of fantastic wrecks to explore in the Sound within a short ride from Lochaline and Oban, together with high quality scenic diving.

Travelling on Thursday 1st August, diving 2nd, 3rd, and 4th August, travelling back on Sunday 4th.


The Rondo

The Rondo is one to the Sound of Mull’s classic wrecks, and never fails to be a favourite among divers. It was a 2360-ton steamship, which broke her anchor while sheltering from a relentless blizzard in the Sound of Mull, and grounded on to the rocks in January 1935. After being stuck on land for weeks and parts of it being salvaged, she slipped down the reef bow first. Her wreck now lies on a slope, with her stern in just 9 meters and her bow reaching down to 50 meters. The entire interior of the wreck is accessible, and the hull forms a nice cave with the rocky slope. The hull is also covered in a healthy growth of plumose anemones, and there is some fascinating marine life all the way down and back up the wreck.

The Thesis

The Thesis is a wreck of a 19th-century steamship that sank in 1889 in the Sound of Mull. At 500 tons gross, she was quite a small ship, but it is a very pretty wreck and well worth diving. The wreck lies upright from 20 to 32m on a slight slope, with the bow higher than the stern. Hull plating on the bow area is missing, leaving large gaps that can be swum through. The wreck is covered in Plumose anemones and other wreck life, and is still very much recognisable as a ship.

The Breda

The SS Breda, sister ship to the world famous SS Thistlegorm, was a Dutch cargo-passenger ship that sunk during World War II. She is reasonably intact, conveniently located near Oban and easily qualifies as Scotland’s most-dived wreck. The ship has been extensively salvaged, but most of the hull and some of the superstructure remains intact. Some of the cargo, including vehicles, is still visible on the site. Sitting upright, her depth ranges from around 11m to around 30m depending on the state of the tide, making her suitable for all divers.

The Hispania

The Hispania rests with her bow in 24m towards the Mull shoreline, sloping down to the stern at 32m. At just over 70m long, the Hispania stands upright with a slight starboard list, and can cover several exploratory dives. The wreck is fairly intact, and the abundance of sea life gives her the reputation as one of Scotland’s finest wreck dives.

The Shuna

The steel steamship Shuna was wrecked in 1913 while carrying a cargo of coal, when it struck the rocks at the entrance to the Sound of Mull and was holed. After lying undisturbed for almost 80 years, she was discovered in 1991 by a clam diver. She is considered the most intact wreck in the Sound of Mull, and lies upright in 30 metres (16 metres to the deck).

Vessel details

Lochaline Boat Charters have two boats, the Brendan and the Peregrine. Both boats have onboard compressors, so gone are the days where you have to bring along two tanks or make the lengthy journey back to land! They can accommodate up to 12 divers, and have cabins that offer heating, cooking facilities and stereo. Both boats are fitted with a lift.


Morvern Dive Lodge is located only 5 minutes from the pier, and offers comfortable accommodation for up to 12 divers. It consists of six bedrooms with all mod cons, large lounge, kitchen and dining area, patio, barbecue and large garden grounds. There is plenty of parking for cars and trailers. Linen and towels are provided. There is also a drying area for wet gear and a kit wash bath available.


The minimum qualifications for this trip are PADI Rescue Diver, PADI Wreck Diver & PADI Deep Diver (or equivalent). This trip does not specifically entail deep dives, however due to a couple of the popular sites being in excess of 30m it is felt this is required. Please note that all dives sites are subject to weather conditions. Adverse weather can affect this trip. Subsequently final dive site selection is at the absolute discretion of the captain.


  • Location:
    Scotland, Sound Of Mull
  • Vessel:
    Hard Boat Diving
  • Holiday Dates:
    2nd – 4th August 2019
  • Duration:
    3 nights
  • Dive Trip Cost: £220
    £100 Deposit
    £120 Balance (8 weeks before departure)
    Optional additional night £30
  • Minimum Certification:
     Wreck Diver 




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