Red Sea: Simply The Best

The route and time of year of this itinerary have been specifically chosen to increase your chance of diving with sharks. There will also be optional evening seminars to help you learn more about sharks in the Red Sea.

The aim of this trip is to highlight the global issues facing sharks, with a Red Sea focus, as well as enjoying some of the most spectacular reefs that the Red Sea has to offer.

Taking in the world-famous marine parks at Brothers and Daedalus, this thrilling itinerary of spectacular drop offs is perfect for divers keen to glimpse some big animals at these remote off-shore reefs.

Securing your place on the boat requires a 25% deposit. The suggested PADI Deep Diver and Nitrox Diver is a Scuba Leeds suggestion to ensure you get the most out of your trip. If you are not currently Deep or Nitrox trained this can be arranged before or during this trip.

Day 1 – Visit dive sites local to your departure port for three dives (a check dive, practice zodiac dive and night dive) before heading out to the marine parks.

Days 2-5 – We normally plan to spend a day each at Big Brother, Small Brother, Daedalus and the Elphinstone area.

Day 6 – After a week of drop-offs, enjoy two relaxed morning dives local to your arrival port allowing you to cruise into harbour in the early afternoon. Take advantage of an evening onshore to purchase souvenirs and enjoy Egypt’s famous hospitality before your journey home the next day.

Brother Islands

The northernmost part of Egypt’s offshore marine park is made up of two islands 60km away from the coast and 140km south from Hurghada. Big Brother Island (complete with a lighthouse from 1883) is 400 metres long with a spectacular plateau on the south east corner which is dotted with coral mountains and famous for thresher and grey reef shark sightings. The western side of the island has two impressive wrecks which both lie almost vertical on the side of the reef. Wrecks also feature on this reef, most spectacular is the Numidia. A large cargo steamer which sank in 1901 and now lies on the tip of the island between 10m – 80m covered in soft corals and frequented by large pelagic predators. In addition the smaller wreck of the Aida (30m – 65m) was a lighthouse authority supply vessel which sank in bad weather in 1957.

The smaller island, whilst only a little over 200 metres long, hosts an incredible concentration and variety of marine life. There is a pristine fan coral forest, a massive collection of hard and soft corals and compelling overhangs to explore. Especially important is the fish life with regular seasonal sightings of hammerhead, thresher, grey reef and oceanic whitetip sharks.


80km offshore and around 300km south of Hurghada a huge tear-drop shaped reef rises from the sea bed. Recognised by its zebra-striped lighthouse, this reef offers some of the most amazing dives in the Red Sea. Napoleon wrasses and turtles are often cruising by, but make sure you keep your eyes open on the blue! Daedalus is one of those places where anything can happen. Oceanic white tip, grey reef and thresher sharks are often sighted. Probably most famous for scalloped hammerhead sharks, Daedalus is an obvious addition to Simply The Best. Large schools are often found in the blue during the summer months.

Elphinstone Reef

A Red Sea legend, a finger shaped reef, with north and south plateaus covered in hard and soft corals. Unpredictable and exciting this truly is an awesome reef where hammerhead sharks are regularly spotted in the summer and oceanic whitetip sharks often congregate in large numbers during late autumn.

M/Y Blue Horizon

M/Y blue Horizon is our flagship vessel and the benchmark for all other blue o two vessels to follow her. With a contemporary and stylish feel, M/Y blue Horizon takes liveaboard luxury to a whole new level and is truly deserving of the title ‘Liveaboard of the Year’ awarded by DIVER magazine in their recent industry awards.

Experience Needed

Currents at these fantastic dive sites are what make its sightings so exciting. Subsequently this itinerary is not suitable for inexperienced divers. Blue O Two divers to have a minimum of 30 logged dives to join this safari to ensure safety. Scuba Leeds require a minimum of PADI Advanced Open Water diver to ensure you get the most from the trip. Since these superb dive sites are offshore, many dives will be from a RIB.

All dives sites are subject to weather conditions. Adverse weather can affect this route which includes several overnight sailings. Subsequently final route taken is at the absolute discretion of the captain and dive guides.


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