Dive Business Management

Course Description

OCR Level 3 Diploma in Management & PADI IDC Program
Scuba Leeds are pleased to announce that we are one of only a handful of dive centres in the UK to have been involved in the launch of this new linked program. We are now able to offer an OCR Level 3 Diploma in Management alongside the PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC).

The OCR Level 3 Diploma is eligible for a learner loan (like a student loan) from the government which makes the course incredibly accessible. So what’s involved and can I sign up?

The course is called an OCR (Oxford Cambridge and RSA Examinations) Level 3 Diploma in Management. The course is aimed at those who will or would like to take a management role in the workplace and deals with all aspects of management from coaching and mentoring to training and development and conflict management. The course provides a recognised qualification which may in itself a proof of competence for a job role or can add value to an existing set of qualifications.

How the OCR Level 3 & PADI IDC are linked:

PADI Instructor Development Course includes a number of learning requirements that are required to show proof of competency for the Level 3 Diploma.

The PADI IDC shows candidates how to develop a teaching presentation, whether this be for use during knowledge development in a classroom situation or as a briefing or training session in the water. During these teaching presentations candidates show their ability to effectively use their certified assistants (Divemasters or Assistant Instructors) as well as showing an ability to evaluate and feedback performance to students. This is just one of the areas where the OCR Level 3 Diploma and the PADI IDC overlap.

Candidates attend a Scuba Leeds run PADI IDC alongside normal IDC candidates. There are however two additional requirements that OCR Level 3 Candidates must complete:

On Online e-Learning Portfolio
The Diving Business Management course.

Candidates completing the Level 3 Diploma are required to complete an online e-learning portfolio before, during and after the IDC. Candidates will show how what they have learnt during the IDC can be translated into more general business management practices. This is the bulk of the OCR course which is independently assessed in an ongoing way by White Rose Training and PADI EMEA.

There is also an extra module that needs to be completed for the IDC, the ‘Diving Business Management Course’. This is a diving specific module which goes into far more detail of the business side of the dive industry. For example you’ll learn more about gross and net profit, margins, dive operations, marketing, and how to price products and courses.

Who should sign up to the course?

This is an excellent opportunity for anyone looking to get into the diving industry as well as earn a useful business qualification which will assist them in applying for other non industry specific jobs. Given the eligibility of the course for government learner loans, it’s a great opportunity for people who are put off by the initial up front cost of becoming an instructor. It’s also excellent for someone looking to change their career or anyone wanting to do a more in depth, business orientated instructor course.

How does the advanced learner loan operate?

They are relatively simple to apply for and work in a very similar way to student loans in that you won’t need to start repayments until you are earning over 21k and the payments then start very small, coming out of your PAYE, and tracking up with your income. The interest paid on the loan is at inflation plus a maximum of 3% dependent on your income.

What are the timeframes?

Applicants need to have signed up by 1st September 2016 with the course orientation due in September. The IDC will then take place in October and the Business Management Course in November. PADI will be conducting a special IE on the 1st September 2016.

Scuba Leeds also offer a number of other optional extras which will make you more employable within the dive industry such as Nitrox & Trimix Gas Blender, Technical Diving with twinset, sidemount or rebreather and all standard PADI Specialty Instructor training. So whatever you are looking to achieve we can build this into your package for you. We may also be able to assist you with some work experience packages, although these are subject to availability and location. It is envisaged that successful candidates will be in demand around the dive industry.

Once you are enrolled onto the course there will be an element of self study which can be completed around your current work commitments, but must be completed by 31 December 2016.

Course Specification

Prerequisites: PADI Divemaster EFR & Secondary Care
Dive Gear: Basic Package Basic Package
Next Step: Spec Instructor MSDT
Date: Every Two Months
Price: POA