Waterproof G1 3mm Gloves

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Waterproof G1 3mm Gloves

The Waterproof G1 3mm Gloves were developed during numerous Waterproof Expeditions to the polar regions. As a general rule, divers underestimate heat loss in cold to extreme conditions. So, the colder the conditions the thicker undersuits are required.

The G1 3mm Gloves seams are stitched, glued and taped, providing increased insulation. The glide skin interior allows for easier donning and doffing as well as providing a quick-drying surface. Because of this, the G1 slips on easier than other gloves before the next dive.

The G1 Gloves "Glove Grip"

When donning your gloves before a dive, it sometimes becomes tricky getting the second glove on. Waterproof has a solution. The Glove-Grip on each glove gives you the additional grip required to put that second glove on a lot easier.

Waterproof G1 3mm Gloves Features

  • 3-D shaped
  • Glideskin seal
  • Pre-bent fingers
  • Palm Antislip grip
  • Extra-long YKK zipper
  • I-Span super stretch nylon
  • Bonded Hi-Quality Nylon thread
  • Long zipper puller


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