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PADI Gas Blender

With the number of technical divers on the rise, lots of scuba divers want enriched air and gas blends. This has led to increased demands for enriched air & trimix blenders. As such, the PADI Gas Blender course is becoming one of the most popular specialty courses.

The PADI Gas Blender course teaches you to blend enriched air nitrox and helium-blend gases using one or more blending methods. Being the blender is a key job at a busy PADI Dive Centre or Resort. Essentially, your work allows other divers to do what they love to do - scuba dive.

What will I do?

The PADI Gas Blender course will train you to become a qualified nitrox trimix blender, also known as gas blender. As such, you will be able to provide gas mixes to appropriately certified consumers.

The course includes three practical application sessions. There are no dives. During independent study and instructor-led review, you learn:

  • About the advantages and disadvantages of different blending methodologies.
  • To blend enriched air and trimix blends to within one percent of the target mix.
  • About the potential hazards related to handling oxygen, as well as how to manage those risks.
  • To demonstrate the steps for oxygen cleaning equipment, along with the requirements for oxygen service.

What are the prerequisites for this course?

If you're a PADI Enriched Air Diver and are at least 18 years old, you can enroll in a Tec Gas Blender course.

Note that qualifying certifications from other diver training organisations may apply - ask your PADI Gas Blender Instructor.

How do I start?

What is oxygen? What are the four types of oxygen and the methods used for blending Enriched Air & Trimix? These questions and more are covered in the PADI Gas Blender manual. As a gas blender, you must be familiar with the physical properties of oxygen, its various forms and purities, hazards and special handling requirements. The Gas Blender Manual and CD-ROM, in conjunction with your instructor, will familiarise you with the procedures and techniques needed for gas blending.


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