Kwark Navy Socks

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Kwark Navy Socks

The Kwark Navy Socks are an unusually flexible and incredibly warm scuba diving sock that wraps your feet and ankle without making it difficult to don or doff your drysuit. They protect and cushion your every move while diving.

This technically designed fabric draws moisture away from the skin and allows it breathes freely. The Kwark Navy Socks are perfect for diving, incredibly warm, stick to your leg, and let you take on and off the drysuit easily. You can wear them with normal shoes too if there is enough space of course. The fabric is around 8 mm thick and hardly flattens under pressure. The unique fibres of the Kwark Navy Sock mean that they will dry very quickly if they get wet.

Kwark Navy Socks Features:

  • The primary advantage of the Kwark Navy Socks is its flexibility.
  • It is very comfortable and gives you a full range of motion.
  • It's easy to put on a dry suit on it
  • Provides very good air flow.
  • It is very light.
  • Less buoyant compared to conventional socks

The Kwark Navy Sock maintains great thermal comfort even when wet.

  • Perfectly wicks sweat away from the body.
  • It is very well impregnated anti-bacterially and does not smell.
  • Dries up in a few hours (after complete flooding or washing).
  • Tailor-made durable flat seams provide comfort.
  • It is soft and pleasant to the touch. It does scrub or irritate the skin.

The Scuba Leeds team have been using the Kwark Navy UndersuitKwark Navy Tech Vest and Kwark Navy Socks and have found them to offer superior warmth and flexibility. We also noticed that the material composition reduced the buoyancy in the feet which improved the divers trim in the water.


Big Thumbs Up from the Scuba Leeds Team.

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