Apeks MTX-R Regulator Set

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Apeks MTX-R Regulator Set

The Apeks MTX-R Regulator set (also known as the Apeks MTX-R Stage 3 set) is Apeks' super cold water regulator. This regulator is really tough and came from a design that Apeks made for their military range of diving equipment. Owning gear that will last is important. The Apeks MTX-R regulator set's design was inspired by the Military's MTX regulator, so you are onto a winner. The design was developed for the United States Navy Experimental Dive Unit. They required an extremely high performing, cold water regulator, that could perform in the worst conditions. The reg also needed to be robust, durable and easy to maintain. The MTX-R met their brief.

Apeks MTX-R 1st Stage

The Apeks MTX-R regulator set uses the new MTX-R 1st stage with 5 lp ports and swivel turret design. It includes a number of design features unique to this regulator. The over-moulded first-stage end cap and environmental sealed diaphragm design can be seen as a black rubber cap on the end of the first stage. This specific design is an improvement on the standard environmental seal on other cold water regulators. This prevents ice build-up on the first stage that can free flow in extreme circumstances.

It has metal parts that allow the regulator to transfer heat into the regulator through the huge amount of Large Heat Exchangers (also known as heat fins) on the body. The heat exchangers improve cold water performance and also the overall strength of the regulator. The satin chrome coating was selected for the first stage to further improve cold water performance and durability.

The Swivel Turret on the 1st stage of the regulator allows you to effectively route your regulator hoses. This feature means a more natural hose routing, reducing the likelihood of your hoses kinking due to the pivot of the turret.

The Angled High-Pressure Ports offer a more appropriate hose routing for both your wireless transmitter or your SPG. On singles, it points the hose towards your hip and on twinsets, your HP hose no longer bends on the tank neck.

The first stage comes in either a DIN or Yoke (A-Clamp) model. However, so far we have only sold the DIN version as this is by far the most popular version of this cold water regulator.

MTX-R for Technical & Sidemount

The addition of the 5th Port gives your first stage additional flexibility in hose configuration. Whether you are a recreational diver wishing to improve hose configuration or a technical diver this will help. The 5th port is ideal for divers using sidemount cylinders or twinsets. The swivel turret makes for an ideal stage regulator, offering optimum hose routing while the reg is stowed on the stage or when being breathed and looped behind your neck. Whether you are looking for a DIR configuration twin-set regulator or technical sidemount diver, this will work a treat.

Apeks MTX-R 2nd Stage

The MTX-R has a robust metal front cover and a fortified rubber edge to protect the regulator. The metal front cover also serves as a heat sync. Exhaled breath from your lungs will warm this area of the 2nd stage. As with the 1st stage, the 2nd stage has Large Heat Exchange Fins at the hose side of the 2nd stage. These fins at the inlet warm the valve mechanism and gas coming into the 2nd stage, improving cold water performance. Yet another way to reduce ice crystal build up which can cause a free flow.

The Apeks MTX-R Regulator set has been designed with the "Complex Made Simple" approach. There are no dive adjustment controls, meaning less moving parts to go wrong and less chance of incorrect adjustment by the diver. This further reduces the chance of free flow occurrence, pre-settable cracking effort or venturi control by an Apeksapproved qualified technician

The 2nd stage offers you a large, diver friendly, self-flushing controllable purge button. The second stage is reversible for either a left or right-hand gas supply configuration. There are removable bungee necklaces with a lockout feature for retaining the second stage in the mouth of an unconscious diver during rescue and to assist with jaw fatigue. Both 2nd stages come with a comfo-bite mouthpiece. Flexible nylon braided hose has better cold water performance than traditional rubber hose.

We also offer the Apeks MTX-RC Regulator which includes an adjustable second stage. 

Check out our full selection of regulators here! Or have a look at our full range of Apeks Dive Gear.

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