Ammonite System Accu Thermo Heating Battery

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Ammonite System Accu Thermo Heating Battery

The Ammonite Accu Thermo Heating Battery is a simple, intuitive battery offering the diver smooth operation and incredible performance and reliability. The charging port of Accu Thermo may be optionally applied to connect any of the Ammonite System light heads.

The design developed from the ground up caters for divers' heating needs. The Accu Thermo range of batteries are a modern source of power supply for divers' heated clothing. ACCU THERMO's on-off switch and the two-position performance controls are simple, intuitive and reliable. The built-in LED indicator gives you information on the battery level, thanks to which you know exactly when the device needs charging. Additionally, the ACCU THERMO range features the intelligent E/O system protecting connections from damage

Ammonite System Accu Thermo Heating Battery Features

  • Up to 200 Watts heating power
  • Robust build and reliability
  • Advanced technological solutions
  • Accu Thermo 14Ah and 24Ah have an operating depth of 150m
  • Accu Thermo 24Ah Special has an operating depth of 200m

Optional Upgrade

The Ammonite System Accu Click Mount is the ideal upgrade for the Accu Battery. This simple system allows for simple attachment and removal of the battery system from your harness without the need for rethreading. The system can also be used to mounting other diving components if needed.

Explore the full Ammonite System Torches here.

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