SUEX Scooters | Scuba Leeds, UK

Suex Scooters and DPV’s for scuba diving. These scooters have become the scuba diving diver propulsion vehicle of choice. If you are a technical diver, cave diver or serious wreck diver then they are for you. Cutting edge technology developed for Suex Scooters has set their underwater propulsion vehicles apart from the competition. The scooters are known for their high performance, reliability and manoeuvrability in the toughest of conditions.

We provide a comprehensive range of their products and aim to offer our customers the same excellent after-market service that Suex offers here in the UK.

Suex was founded in 1999 with mission of providing high performance technical diving vehicle for all diving applications. The range is specifically targeted at long range exploration diving and technical deep dives. They also support many applications that are required for the Navy.