DivePro dive torches have been developing high level dive torches and video lights for over 10 years. The development of the DivePro dive torches has come from hundreds of dive hours by technical divers, underwater photographers and videographers and diving instructors to give them the feedback needed to excel with their products. The company focuses on solid research and product development to ensure the product is what you as a diver needs.

The DivePro torches come in three main categories of underwater light. There is a full range of recreational diving torches with rechargeable primary and backup lights. If you are looking for higher power, there is a solid range of canister lights (also known as umbilical torches). The DivePro dive light range is backed up by a comprehensive range of underwater photography and underwater video lights. Furthermore the most powerful of this range reaching 30,000 lumens.

Whether you are a diver looking for your first light, or a serious technical diver looking for cave light for extended duration mine dives, the DivePro dive torches will have a light to meet your needs.