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Hollis F1 Fin Review

This Hollis F1 Fin review came from an old post written a few years ago by one of our team in 2017. Four years on from that original post, the F1 Fin is still going strong. Many of the Scuba Leeds team are still using these fins and they are still raving about it. Why are the dive team still diving these fins, lets find out.

Have you ever struggled with any of these things:

  • Floaty feet while diving
  • Lack of propulsion
  • Struggled to adjust your fins
  • Find it difficult to put your fins on
  • Find the foot pocket being tight

If so then you will want to read this review, because the Hollis F1 Fin may well be the scuba diving fin you are looking for.

Let’s get started

In this Hollis F1 Fin Review we are going to look at the top 5 features that make this fin unique.

  • Heavy Duty Single Piece Rubber Construction
  • Angled Spring Heels Strap
  • Multiple Spring Strap Mounting Points For Precision Fit
  • Vented Blade Design
  • Generous Foot Pocket

Each section has an image of the of the feature, then an explanation of how each of these features will benefits you while scuba diving. Let’s dive in.


Heavy Duty Single Piece Rubber Construction

The Hollis F1 fin is a new breed of "old-school" heavyweight fin. The fin and blade is a single piece construction high-quality natural rubber. This single piece construction makes it a seriously solid fin and one of the heaviest fins on the market. Get this in your hands and the blade feels like it could last forever and a day.

I have been using a pair of Hollis F1 Yellow Tips since July 2013. I have used them teaching, on recreational and technical dives, they have been loaned to so many divers over the years and they are still going strong.


Angled Spring Heels Strap

The angled heel spring straps on the F1 fins have been uniquely angled to pull your foot into the foot pocket. The angle increases power and efficiency by ensuring your foot does not move within the foot pocket. By ensuring the foot does not move, maximises your propulsion with every fin stroke.


Spring Heel Straps with Easy Grip Heel Tabs

It often seems like nobody likes the cheap, plasticky heel straps that have become common in the industry today. That’s why the F1 LTs have a resilient spring-heel strap made from metal and dressed with an easy-grip heel tab. More durable and easier to don/doff, what’s not to love?


Multiple Spring Strap Mounting Points For Precision Fit

The spring strap mounting points have two locking locations on each side. This allows you three different lengths of adjustment of the spring to ensure the best fit possible for your foot in the foot pocket. This adjustable length of spring is not something we have seen on any other spring strap fin before or since.


Vented Blade Design

The hydrodynamically vented blade design on the F1's blade, reduces the stress and pressure on the foot and calf muscles. The blade increases the efficiency with which water flows over and through the fin. This really increases ever pound of propulsion per fin stroke and decreasing your overall energy demands of each and every dive.


Large Foot Pocket

The F1 LT’s spacious foot pocket enables our big-footed friends to get a kick in, too. It also lets all of you cold-water connoisseurs bulk up with neoprene socks, boots or other aquatic footwear.

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