Aqua Lung i200C Dive Computer Review

Aqua Lung i200C Dive Computer Review

We thought it was time to write an Aqua Lung i200C dive computer review as it is already becoming a popular choice amongst divers. You probably already have some experience with a dive computer, but choosing which one to buy can be a bit of a minefield. Which is the best dive computer, what features should my dive computer have and which dive computer should I buy are questions we get asked a lot. Aqua Lung has only been producing dive computers for the past couple of years. It all started when they acquired a dive computer manufacturer with years and years of experience. But then Aqua Lung did what they do best - they took the basics and added features that bring their dive computers into the 21st Century. The i200C is their latest release and is the first of the watch-style range that incorporates Bluetooth technology with their Diverlog+ App for smartphones; I'd be surprised if you haven't seen at least one post or email announcing its launch. But with so much choice out there, how do you know whether this one is the right dive computer for you? Well, you're in luck - we've had a closer look and are going to share its top features with you in this post.



  1. First Impressions
  2. Unboxing the Aqua Lung i200C
  3. Aqua Lung i200C Colours
  4. User Changeable Battery
  5. Bluetooth Download & Diverlog+ App
  6. Aqua Lung i200C Features 
  7. Aqua Lung i200C Review Conclusion 


1. First Impressions

The first thing you see when you open the box is a fresh, sporty designed watch-style dive computer in the colour of your choice. The body of the computer matches the colour of the strap, and the bezel is a bright chrome finish. The buttons are of solid construction with a very positive press. As with all my reviews, the very first thing I did was randomly push buttons. It took me less than two minutes to figure out which button was doing what. But don't worry - if you do decide that this is the dive computer for you, Aqua Lung has created a nifty quick reference guide to help you navigate the menu. As I already have the Divelog+ App on my phone from owning the Aqua Lung i770R, the only thing I wanted to do was find my way to the Bluetooth pairing. But more about this later. The Aqua Lung i200C Dive Computer comes with four dive modes: Air, Nitrox, Gauge (with run timer), and Free Dive mode. Dive Mode allows you to switch between 3 nitrox mixes up to 100% with no restrictions during the dive. Pretty cool for a dive computer of this size.

Unboxing the Aqua Lung i200C Dive Computer


2. Unboxing the Aqua Lung i200C Dive Computer

The Aqua Lung i200C comes boxed complete with the following:

  • Aqua Lung i200C Dive Computer
  • Aqua Lung Extension Strap
  • Quick Reference Card
  • Digital CD Instruction Manual
  • DiverLog+ Brochure
  • Lens Protector
  • Battery Compartment Opening Tool

    As I mentioned earlier, the Quick Reference Card explains step by step how to navigate the menu.

    Wrist Strap & Extender

    This is a watch style computer, so it comes with a standard watch length strap. Having a long enough wrist strap to go over the top of a drysuit would make it awful to use while out and about or at night in the bar apres-dive. So conveniently, Aqua Lung supplies a separate extender strap with the computer. For those of you that are seriously colour co-ordinated, you will have to accept the extender strap comes in one colour only, black.


    3. Aqua Lung i200C Dive Computer Colours

    Taking a break from the traditional colour scheme for dive computers. Aqua Lung chose not to release the i200C Dive Computer in black or white, and instead chose to add a splash of one of the following colours:
    • Blue
    • Aqua (according to Tom this is Teal)
    • Hot Lime
    • Bright Pink
    • Grey
    • Dark Grey

    The range of Aqua Lung i200C Colours


    4. User Changeable Battery

    The i200C has a user-changeable battery, so no more expensive battery changes for this dive computer. It uses a 3-Volt CR2430 lithium battery, which is a pretty standard battery that can be bought for around £1.50 from any supermarket or store in most countries. If that isn't enough good news, the computer will even retain its settings and calculations between battery changes! That said, I would recommend syncing your computer with the Divelog+ App before a battery change, just in case.


    5. Bluetooth Download & Diverlog+ App

    If you read my Aqua Lung i770R Dive Computer Review that I wrote last year, you will know that my first thoughts were that the Divelog+ App was a gimmick, but I was wrong (which I rarely admit!). The app is, without question, the easiest way to navigate dive computers settings. The Divelog+ App has been designed to function in the same format as most other smartphone apps, and is very straightforward and intuitive.

    The menus on the Divelog+ App

    You can update your personal info, language settings, full display controls on the computer, time and date, all your diver alarms, gas and transmitters, and all your utilities. It is really comprehensive. Connection via Bluetooth couldn't be more simple. The dive log has a number of nice features including linking images, videos and allowing your buddy to sign the log. You can also share your dives straight to social media from the app.


    6. Aqua Lung i200C Features Review

    Aqua Lung i200C Features Review

    • Wireless Bluetooth connectivity
    • Integration with the DiverLog+ app for iOS and Android
    • Remotely control all your i200C settings
    • Operating modes. Air, Nitrox, Gauge and Free Dive
    • User-changeable standard battery and data retention
    • Switch between up to 3 Nitrox mixes
    • Air & Nitrox mixes up to 100% O2 with no restriction

    Other Features

    • Audible alarms and additional high-visibility LED warning light for increased safety
    • Single-button access to last dive display (max depth and bottom time)
    • User-selectable deep stop with countdown timer
    • History Mode records last 24 dives
    • User-updatable software gives access to the latest features and upgrade
    • The interface allows for easy settings preview and updates


    7. Aqua Lung i200C Dive Computer Review Conclusion

    The i200C dive computer is a great computer. We have completed over 30 dives with this computer so far, and have a good handle on how it works. Even with only 30 dives, this was enough time for me to become completely comfortable with all its features and functionalities. The usability of the i200C, when linked with the app, is superb. It may take a couple of minutes to learn what the short names for each area are, but once you understand them, it's really easy to navigate. Aqua Lung has yet again focused on the way end users (you and me) use technology on a day to day basis. We are using smartphones more and more. They are with us on every dive trip, so this means our logbook is too. The Bluetooth connectivity gives this computer a massive boost in terms of its appeal to me as a diver. If you are looking for a dive computer full of cool features that you can wear as a watch all day every day, then this is a really good choice.

    Check out the Aqua Lung i200C here:

    Buy the Aqua Lung i200C here

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