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About Capernwray

Capernwray dive site, also known as Jackdaw Quarry, is an exceptional inland dive site with lots to see and do. Perfect for scuba diving training as well as fun dives, Capernwray has a range of depths, reaching a maximum depth of around 21 metres. There are two sets of training platforms, a couple at 2 metres and a couple at 6 metres. There’s also plenty of life in the water, including trout, perch and sturgeon, as well as a number of underwater attractions, such as:

  • Numerous boats, including the former minesweeper Podsnap
  • A medium range, twin turboprop airliner (a Hawker Siddeley HS 748), a Cessna 150 light aeroplane and two helicopters
  • A diving bell
  • A shipping container
  • Two plastic horses
  • A small yellow submarine in the style of Thunderbird 4
  • A devil statue
  • Various garden gnomes


How to get there

Capernwray is located approximately 1 hour 45 minutes by car from Leeds City Centre. The address is the following:

Capernwray Dive Site
Jackdaw Quarry
Capernwray Road
Over Kellet


Facilities available

The facilities at Capernwray are excellent! As you drive in, there’s a large car park with plenty of space. Men's and ladies’ toilets and changing facilities are available, which makes it easy to get ready for a day’s diving.

Next to the shop is a restaurant/café, serving both hot and cold food & drink. The cakes are amazing and perfect for replenishing some energy at the end of the day. It also has an outside seating area, with a scenic view over the quarry.

Membership & Entrance fees

Capernwray offers a few options in terms of entrance costs:

£29 Lifetime Membership Fee – The Capernwray membership gives you access to all the facilities this dive site offers and is valid for life.

£15 Entry Fee - Standard entry fee for new and existing members. This fee is payable on arrival at the dive site, and a membership card must be presented at the time.

£20 Day Pass – Entrance fee for non-members.

We would recommend that you only choose a day pass if you do not plan to return to Capernwray in the future. 

To speed things up at the gates, you can register for your membership or pay for your day-pass online on Capernwray’s website:

What to bring

We've put together a small checklist for things you should remember to bring with you:

  • If you own any kit, bring it with you! Also make sure to bring any gear we may have given you before the open water day
  • Capernwray membership card if you already have one
  • Food and drink for breaks between dives
  • Cash/card
  • Log books and pens
  • Any knowledge reviews you haven’t handed in yet (paper manuals only)
  • Lots of layers to keep you warm in between dives, especially gloves, a hat and coat
  • Thick, warm socks to keep your toes toasty under your drysuit
  • Active wear to wear underneath your undersuit. During colder months, we recommend a few layers.
  • Spare clothes in case you get a little wet
  • Sun cream if it's warm!

What to expect on the day

Capernwray opens at 9am, with the gates usually opening around 8:45. Please be punctual and consider that there may be a queue when you arrive, especially during busy summer months. 

At the gate you will be greeted by Capernwray staff, who will check your membership card and take payment for your entrance fee. This can be paid by card or cash.

We try to park the Scuba Leeds van in the same spot every time, and we would recommend parking close-by to make things easier for everyone. As you come through the gates, the van should be parked slightly to the left and right at the back by the row of trees/bushes. 

If it's your first time at Capernwray, a member of our team will give you a little orientation and tour round the site. Back at the van, it's time to set up your dive gear and get changed, listen to your instructors' pre-dive briefing, get in the water and dive!

You will do 2 or 3 dives, depending on your course schedule. Every dive will start and end with a briefing by the van, and there's a break between each dive for you to grab some food, go to the toilet and have a chat. Please do bring a packed lunch if possible - the restaurant may have long waits for food, which can lead to delays in getting back in the water.

You will finish your dives at approximately 4pm (depends a lot on how the day goes overall and how many dives you have to do). Once everyone has changed and gear has been packed away, it's time to go to the cafe for some cake, chat about the day and log the dives. 

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