Capernwray December 2021

Winter in the UK

Everyone knows with the right equipment its possible to dive year-round in the UK, but a lot of divers prefer to hang their fins up for the winter months. However, just because you are avoiding the quarries and the sea until the water temperature rises in the spring doesn’t mean you have to stop all diving activity.


We often get asked “what can I do during winter?” so we thought we would go through some options to keep your skills refreshed, learn new skills or get yourself ready for the warmer water.


  • Pool Sessions – at Scuba Leeds we have weekly access to a 5m pool every Thursday evening. These pool sessions are a great way to get in the water, practice skills or just enjoy being under water again. We have two options for these session – guided or unguided. An unguided session means you can turn up and jump in the pool. A guided session is with one of our dive team and can be structured around you! If you want to practice launching an SMB, buoyancy or mask work our team can work with you to keep these vital skills refreshed for your next open water dive. Pool Session

  • Learn a new skill – the pool is a great place to learn a new skill in a warm, controlled environment. Want to learn to ditch the scuba gear and free dive? Our instructor can give you techniques to expand your time under water without scuba gear (as well as improve your confidence in the water). Want to try a twinset? Book onto our Tec Essentials course and we can learn the basics on how to use a twinset safely. The pool is a great chance to dip your toes into something new. PADI Basic Freediver               Discover Tec

  • Own your own equipment but don’t feel confident in looking after it? Do you know what to do if your regulator leaks before a dive? How to maintain your BCD to ensure it lasts year after year? The Equipment Speciality course is a great way to understand your dive gear better, but also how to look after it, so it looks after you. This course includes e-learning theory, and then a day in the dive centre going through your equipment (while also having a look at ours). Join us in the service room to learn how to make sure you can fix issues at the dive site that could potentially save a dive day. PADI Equipment Specialist


  • Thinking of completing your Rescue course this year? The Emergency First Response course goes hand in hand with this course (and this course, or equivalate, is a requirement to gaining your PADI Rescue certification). Make the most of the cold water and spend a day in the classroom getting this valuable qualification. Emergency First Response

  • Happy to take a few months out of the water? Now's the perfect time to get your dive equipment serviced. Don't leave it the day before your dive to realise your cylinder's servicing has expired,  that your regulators need some TLC before going back in the water. Servicing
  • Or if you are like us and dreaming of that summer diving holiday, diving day and day, then why not complete your Nitrox course (no dive required) to extend your bottom time. With theory at home and a classroom session for the practical elements of the course, this can be done in time before your summer holiday.  PADI Enriched Air Diver



So if you're like us and you're looking forward to the start of the dive season, don't think you have to stop diving. We have lots to keep you training, improving and to get you ready for your next dive. 
For more information on any of the above sessions please email our dive team on




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