Why We Love Sharks!

Why We Love Sharks!

When we talk about diving we are often asked by non-divers “but what happens if a shark comes?” I’ll tell you what happens... We have an amazing dive with one of our favourite things to encounter in the Ocean! One of the biggest concerns we hear from non-divers is that they’re afraid of sharks. However, sharks pose almost no risk to divers or humans in general.

The Myth

Sharks have had a hard time over the years with movies such as ‘Jaws’ and various others really not doing them any favours! Because of this, the evil, man killing perception of sharks is really all down to bad movies, poor publicity and lack of understanding.

The Truth

Only about five humans worldwide die due to shark attacks each year, while humans kill around 100,000,000 sharks per year (don’t get me started on shark finning!). In fact, many people who become divers start off nervous around sharks and quickly grow to become some of their biggest advocates.

The Perfect Preditor

Sharks are preditors and at the top of their food chain. With a perfect design it is believed that many species of shark have remained, unchanged for millions of years.

Why We Love It!

Sharks have a presence in the water and I think this is what draws us to them. They move through the water with intent and being within metres of a fish like this definitely helps put life into perspective. Sharks do not act aggressively but appear extremely cautious around divers. The shy ones often keep their distance with only the more boisterous ones coming in for a closer look. They are amazing to watch in the water and a dive with a shark is one you will remember forever.

They Need Our Help

Shark populations are decreasing at a phenomenal rate. Amongst other causes, this is predominantly down to the shark fin trade and illegal fishing. As a 100% Aware diving school, Scuba Leeds is committed to supporting the Project Aware movement with every certification earned. One of Project Aware’s core areas of focus is for the protection of sharks and rays so as divers (who love to dive with sharks and rays) this is something that is very close to our hearts. At Scuba Leeds we want to ensure that our divers are not only trained technically but also ethically with the desire to not only enjoy our Ocean Planet but to protect and conserve it.

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