Why ReActivate?

Why ReActivate?

PADI Certifications never expire. However, if you are an infrequent diver and haven’t dived in a while it is important to ensure that you practice all of your skills and that they are fresh in your mind. I have included a few reasons below for why you should sign on to the PADI ReActivate course with Scuba Leeds before your big trip.

For yourself!

When you are ready to hit the water again, you have to be confident in your own knowledge and skills. Questioning your kit setup and how to resolve common diving issues such as clearing a mask is something you don’t want to be doing once you arrive at your dream destination.

For your buddy

“Be a better buddy” is a quote used in some of my previous blogs and it is one I truly believe in. As divers we not only have to be confident in dealing with issues that may arise for ourselves but also for our buddies. You would hope that your buddy had brushed up on his skills before the dive so make sure that you do the same.

Enjoy the dive

We want you to enjoy every dive that you do. Completing the ReActivate course will ensure that you are confident and comfortable in your skills and drills. This will allow you to enjoy the diving that you have been looking forward to for so long.

Why not ReActivate on my trip?

So many divers plan to ReActivate whilst on their trip... to me this just doesn’t make sense. I always suggest to all divers to ReActivate at Scuba Leeds before the trip. Also, if you have time, a couple of play sessions in the pool can prove invaluable. We want you to be fully prepared so that when you do go on the big trip... all you have to do is dive! Do you have an up and coming dive trip? Or even a holiday where you may wish to have a dive or two? Don’t waste your precious holiday time and get booked onto a PADI ReActivate course with Scuba Leeds. ReActivate with Scuba Leeds
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