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Sidemounts have been in the diving eye for the last 5 or 6 years now after coming into mainstream diving from cave diving. When the dive team at Scuba Leeds started diving them we were ahead of the curve, as such we have lots of experience with the equipment and techniques used in Sidemount diving. Sidemounts are ideal for those of you who want to carry more gas, but don't fancy sticking all that gas on your back. They offer a lot of flexibility with regards trim and adjustment that just isn't there. The great thing about sidemounts is that you can dive 1, 2, 3 or more cylinders in this configuration. However once you get above 6 cylinders you need to be thinking about a rebreather..... But 6 cylinders is kinda excessive in my opinion for most sidemount divers. The sidemount diver course will teach you the basics of how to use single or double sidemounts and how to setup and adjust your equipment to your exact requirements. This is what one of Alex's students said about the course:

"Sidemounting is something I had wanted to try for a while, especially after seeing it firsthand in the pool one night. The first session consisted of an orientation and briefing at the dive shop, then a try dive in the 5.5m dive pool. It only took the sight of bungee and shiny Ali 80's to get me salivating and more hooked….. It was clear by the time I got to the bottom of the pool I would be doing the speciality and this was booked straight after. The speciality course was fantastic with Alex providing great instruction, knowledge and experience….. The whole experience was fantastic. I would highly recommend you try sidemount diving and if it's for you then there is no better person to go to than Alex.” - Christopher Hartley, PADI IDC Staff Instructor

The great news for those of you who are interested in trying Sidemounts is that Scuba Leeds has just this week invested in another brand new set of sidemount kit for our students. So what are you waiting for, give sidemounts a try and see for your yourself.

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